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A note from Dr. Maercks Blog

Miami Labiaplasty

On the feminine side of plastic surgery, vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty interest and treatment continues to grow. A labiaplasty is a relatively simple procedure in which the protruding labia minora are reduced to a more aesthetic position, just barely showing beyond the labia minora. The problem is that there are an extremely varied group of techniques and even more varied background of practitioners performing this procedure.

Unfortunately it seems that the "edge trim technique is on the rise again creating an unaesthetic and at times painful scalloped edge. This type of "amputation" should never be performed and is difficult to correct. A "modified wedge" technique is the best of well known techniques and uses a process called 'de-epithelialization' to avoid damage to deep tissues, protect from notching and unsightly scarring and preserve tissue for comfort and padding. Even better, this should really be performed with a rotational flap to bring healthy youthful appearing tissue to the area. The MACCIE labiaplasty technique used at The Maercks Institute has earned an entertaining name among it's happy patients . . .