Age: 28, Concerns: Perineum Reconstruction; Perineumplasty  

Age: 40, Concerns: Labia minora protrusion and overall aesthetic.  

Age: 21, Concerns: Protruding labia minora and overall aesthetic

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Before and After Labiaplasty Galley

The Miami Labiaplasty / MACIE Labiaplasty

Below is a gallery that depicts typical patients of all ages that seek out Dr. Rian A. Maercks' unique MACIE Labiaplasty.  The distinctive differences of the MACIE Labiaplasty are quite obvious: The labial edge is converted from a dark grey brown or black color to a youthful pink color, the rough or ruggated nature of the adult labia minora is converted into a smooth naturally youthful appearance, there is no scar, sign of surgical intervention contour irregularity or ridging and with Dr. Maercks' specialized fat grafting technique, the labia majora are rejuvenated and brought closer together creating a youthful appearance in which the labia just kiss with no open space or emptiness.

Age: 24, Concerns: Discomfort in tight clothing and overall aesthetic

Age: 37, Concerns: Protruding labia minora and deflated labia majora