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Welcome to the under development  MACIE Labiaplasty Education page.  There are many choices that can confuse a woman considering labiaplasty.  Unfortunately many  options leave women deformed with difficulty enjoying sexual intercourse.  Dr. Maercks has treated many suffering patients who have sought out his reconstructive services to restore normal form and function.  After seeing what was happening to these woman Dr. Maercks designed a revolutionary new approach to labiaplasty, the Maercks Aesthetic Color Corrected Intimate Enhancement or MACIE.  The MACIE not only averts the horrible complications of amputation and wedge excision techniques (which Dr. Maercks firmly believes should never be done), it actually restores the youthful feminine beauty that patients are looking for, changing rough to smooth and brown to pink.  The MACIE has become so popular in social and celebrity circles it is refered to in the public as the "pretty in pink labiaplasty" or "The Miami Labiaplasty."  This site will serve as an educational platform to educate the public to the dangers of labiaplasty and the revolutionary MACIE.Labiaplasty available only in Miami

         The MACIE Labiaplasty

                 Maercks Aesthetic Color Corrected Intimate Enhancement (MACIE)

                               "The Miami Labiaplasty"

                                                                                     "Unparalleled youthful feminine beauty"